1. Fundamentals of Human Science in Education
    It is the preparation for all school teachers, educators, trainers, scholars, that helps individuals to advance in education at least. All chapters are prepared with a right intention to attain a higher level of mental states. Only the continuity of practice assists through discourse towards transformation process. As transformation attains higher levels, more questions arises. It is a unique course.
    No of Days: 5 ; Period per day: 2 Hours
    Chapters: Meditation and Awareness, Exercise (Mind-Body coordination), Sensual World and World Creation, 4 Human Factor, Morality.
  2. Conscience Education Methodology for School
    All Sensory Learning, Reflective Learning, Learning by Teaching, Slo-Mo to Automation Learning, Speed Reading, Verbal Reading, Thinking Explosion, Meditation, Autosuggestion, Dialogue, Fine-Tuning,
  3. Human Science Curriculum