1. Fundamentals of Human Science Discourse
    Course: AWARENESS; WEEK 1 : Days: 5; Daily = 1 hours
    Course includes: Meditation, Journal, Exercise, I-U, Fear and Growth.

    Course: CULTIVATION; WEEK 2: Days: 5 ; daily=1 hours
    Course include: Me and Sensual World Awareness, SWOT, 5 Friends, 5 Enemies, Time and Play.

    Course: Leadership.
    Course: Destination Management and Team-Collaboration, Wisdom, Visualization and Planning, Mistakes and Humility.
  2. Technical Education and Knowledge
    This course helps imagination, brain coordination, psycho-motor mind.
    Map Reading, Mind Mapping, Calligraphy, Speed Reading, Memory system (linking system), Home-Work,
  3. Human Science Education
    Days: 5 ; Daily = 2 hours
    8 Right Factors, 4 Human Nature, 3 Universal Laws of Nature, 8 Worldly Affairs, Cause & Effect.