Conscience Education is a Human Science Education, a compulsory Fundamental Right Education for Higher Human Potential for Teachers, students, guardians, parents, schools or any corporates.

Our focus is on the immediate need for the reinventing education system in order to meet the 21st century’s upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution and the social challenges. 

It’s a pervasive idea: different students’ brains are better suited to different styles of learning.  Revolutionizing the present education system may not be an easy task, however it’s overhaul will be invaluable as it will be discovered that the true transformation of society through education system. So, this paper proposes a new Curriculum, a Teaching-Learning-Examination procedure based on behavioral psychology to uplift the conscience of each student. The proposed new curriculum, to be referred to as “The Conscience”, will combine social science, philosophy, psychology and morality as sub-subjects. It is expected that this will have immediate results; raise higher school attendance, defines new roles of teacher-student relationship, promote self-education, leadership development and tend to raise not only the socio-morality awareness. This will result in dynamic, independent global citizens. This innovative education method will reinvent education to prepare the students for future potential jobs and essential skills prepare for proper employment. Progressive Education begins here.

Training for Teachers, Students, Parents, Schools, Companies, Institutions under the Discourse and Curriculum basis objectives are as follows:

  1. To acknowledge teachers, students, parents step by step on different life-skills.
  2. Develop and Publish an academic curriculum ‘Human Science’ for school education.
  3. Inquiry, Exchange, Share, Innovate Learning and Teaching Methods.
  4. Consultation Work for Schools for better education.
  5. Morality, Concentration and Wisdom be the educational foundation.

Heart Practice, Mind Practice, Bodily Practice, and Awareness Practice.