We envision to awaken today’s young mind with proper Education for rapidly advancing dynamic world.

“Proper” Education is rather awakening than just learning. A revolutionary schematic mind training system is essential for future generation. No more labor workers is the world moving towards this 4th industrial revolution. The rapid way of changing the livelihood due to technological growth and our direct dependencies let us to rethink on our education system. The society is changing in the way we think, we react. We identify, It is the time to educate our children in a more balance way Materialistically and Naturally.

Our Course, Training are here to innovate the education system, the way our children think, act, see the world differently, on the same school system.We will train Teachers, Students, School staffs, Parents.  We suggest courses that are compulsory and optional ones.

Conscience is a Cognitive process that elicits Emotion and Rational Associations based on an Individual’s Moral Philosophy or Value system (sanskar). Conscience stands in contrast to elicited emotion or thought due to associations based on immediate sensory perceptions and reflexive responses, as in sympathetic Central Nervous System (CNS) responses.

Digital illustration of brain and spinal cord.

What is sampajanna? That which is wisdom, understanding, investigation, deep investigation, truth investigation, discernment, discrimination, differentiation, erudition, proficiency, skill, analysis, consideration, close examination, breadth, sagacity, guidance, insight, thorough understanding of impermanence,…. right view – this is called sampajanna. Sampajanna is complete understanding. It is insight into all aspects of the human phenomenon, mental as well as physical. One must understand that whenever the mind encounters an object, it perceives and evaluates it in a distorted way through the coloured lens of past conditioning; it therefore reacts with ignorance, craving or aversion. This is the process that produces suffering because wisdom is lacking.